The Biveros Effect!

Welcome to the Biveros Effect – we are happy that you are here! The Biveros Effect is a blog about travel, life, and other adventures. This blog is available in English and in Swedish. Click on the images below to read the blog posts in your desired language.

The Biveros Effect in English

The Biveros Effect in Swedish

The People Behind the Biveros Effect

Jesper and Susann live in Stockholm, Sweden. We love traveling and our goal is to see as much as possible of the world. You can read more about us here >>

We have written a few guides about the places we have spent a lot of time in. We hope that these guides will inspire you, click on the links to read more about Åland, Sweden, Bratislava, and Slovakia. In case you have any question, please do not hesitate to comment or contact us via e-mail.