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Looking Forward to a Summer on Åland

Soon it’s time to say goodbye April! But guess what, it’s been snowing quite a bit this week. I thought I’d cheer myself up with a list of things I want to do this summer on Åland. One of my… Continue reading →

Weekend Reflections: What Are You Really Good At?

What are you really good at? Have you given it any thought? Tell us, share! It’s time for some weekend reflections, with a cup of green tea and the sun setting outside the window. You see, I have a book… Continue reading →

Lördagsreflektioner: Vad är du riktigt bra på?

Vad är du riktigt bra på? Har du funderat på det? Berätta, dela med dig! Det är dags för några lördagsreflektioner medan solen håller på att gå ner över Kista. Jag har nämligen en bok som går ut på att skriva… Continue reading →

4 Free Things to Try in Stockholm

Hello! On Monday we were aimlessly walking around in the center of Stockholm when we realized that we could go to a museum. For free. That museum visit inspired me to write this post about 4 free things to try… Continue reading →

Exploring Sweden – Sigtuna, Uppland

Are you looking for a place that is small, yet historical? Do you want to get away from the big city buzz and just enjoy an ice-cream by the lake? If your answer is yes, then maybe Sigtuna is the… Continue reading →

Remembering the Old Times – Kraków 2013

Kraków is probably one of the most fascinating cities in Europe. We visited the second city and the cultural capital of Poland in September 2013. I do have a soft spot for Poland and considering the fact that I actually… Continue reading →

5 anledningar att gilla Bratislava!

Slovakiens sköna huvudstad på Donaus strand är ett av Europas mest underskattade resmål, tycker vi. Kanske är vi lite partiska eftersom vi bott där, men vi anser att alla borde åka till denna centraleuropeiska pärla åtminstone en gång. Här listar… Continue reading →

Three Years In Stockholm ❤ How Time Flies

About three years ago, a plane from Oslo landed at Arlanda Airport. We had flown to Norway from Bratislava, our home for over a year. Jesper’s mother was waiting for us. Back then, our plans were wide open. Little did… Continue reading →

Reviewing March: Books and Happy Thoughts

Reviewing March makes me happy as I feel that I have accomplished a lot of things. As you may know, one of my goals for 2017 is to read 52 books. In March I read a total of nine books, including… Continue reading →

Quick & Tasty: One-Pot Pasta Chicken Alfredo

You know the feeling when you’re feeling too tired to cook but the best thing would be a home-cooked meal? The first time I heard about one-pot pasta was a few months ago, and I have been curious about it… Continue reading →

Slovak Garlic Soup or Cesnaková Polievka

Every time we go to Slovakia, there is one dish we always ask for in the restaurants. Slovak garlic soup is known as cesnaková polievka or cesnačka in Slovak. It’s very common in most restaurants. Now, there are a couple of… Continue reading →

Jobb och livet: en lördagslista

Ute skiner solen och det känns helt okej att sitta och dricka morgonkaffet före klockan åtta på en lördag. Jag gillar listor av alla de slag, så jag tänkte dela med mig av jobblista som jag hittade hos både Citrin och Annawii…. Continue reading →

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