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Slovak Garlic Soup or Cesnaková Polievka

Every time we go to Slovakia, there is one dish we always ask for in the restaurants. Slovak garlic soup is known as cesnaková polievka or cesnačka in Slovak. It’s very common in most restaurants. Now, there are a couple of… Continue reading →

Jobb och livet: en lördagslista

Ute skiner solen och det känns helt okej att sitta och dricka morgonkaffet före klockan åtta på en lördag. Jag gillar listor av alla de slag, så jag tänkte dela med mig av jobblista som jag hittade hos både Citrin och Annawii…. Continue reading →

Tao of Travel: Three Lessons Travel Taught Me

I have a book called the Tao of Travel: Enlightenments from Lives on the Road. It is a book written by Paul Theroux and the reason I bought it was the title. It called my name when I saw it in the… Continue reading →

Remembering the Old Times – Belgrade 2013

In a month or so it’s time for Easter. This is a time of the year that we usually try to go abroad, often to places that do not celebrate our Easter. In 2013, while still living in Bratislava, we… Continue reading →

Sights in Bratislava – Námestie Ľudovíta Štúra

If you ever visit Bratislava or Slovakia, you will most certainly come across the name Ľudovít Štúr. All countries have their national heroes, and this is one of the most important people in Slovak history. You pronounce the name like this [ˈʎudoviːt ˈʃtuːr]. Sources… Continue reading →

The Week That Was: A Summary of Week 10

Sunday, oh Sunday, and it’s time to summarize week 10. The beginning of the week was quite depressing: there was a snow storm, I was ill, and some not-so-nice things occurred in our neighborhood. Fortunately, life turned better as the… Continue reading →

10 European Destinations Off The Beaten Path

There are so many famous European travel destinations. In this post, we will not write about Prague or Paris. We will not cherish Rome or London. Berlin is not on our list either. No, here we have listed 10 European… Continue reading →

Happy International Women’s Day!

This day is important for two reasons: it’s our anniversary and it’s International Women’s Day. At the larger scale of things, I guess the latter is more important, even though anniversaries are always a lot of fun. Women In Europe I… Continue reading →

February: Books and Gratefulness

It’s time to look back at February, a month of books and gratefulness. One of my goals for 2017 is to read 52 books. Another thing that happened in February is that I got hooked on bullet journaling. As someone… Continue reading →

Fyra målbilder för sommaren 2017

Äntligen lördag och dags att ta fram målbilder för sommaren 2017. Lite tidigt, kanske. Men samtidigt känner jag att mars inte är något att hurra för just nu. Ute snöar det. Och sommaren 2017 kommer jag ju faktiskt att vara ledig,… Continue reading →

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