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Expat Life

Living abroad is a real adventure, and it surely never gets boring. Poland, England, Russia, Spain, Slovakia, Sweden. Here you can read about all the joys and the pains of expat life. It is a story of culture shocks, funny memories, as well as some sunshine. Have you lived abroad? Tell us!

5 anledningar att gilla Bratislava!

Slovakiens sköna huvudstad på Donaus strand är ett av Europas mest underskattade resmål, tycker vi. Kanske är vi lite partiska eftersom vi bott där, men vi anser att alla borde åka till denna centraleuropeiska pärla åtminstone en gång. Här listar… Continue reading →

Three Years In Stockholm ❤ How Time Flies

About three years ago, a plane from Oslo landed at Arlanda Airport. We had flown to Norway from Bratislava, our home for over a year. Jesper’s mother was waiting for us. Back then, our plans were wide open. Little did… Continue reading →

The Life of a Foreigner In Sweden

Kära Sverige! Welcome to the story of my life as a foreigner in Sweden, a country known for social democracy, blonde women and fermented Baltic Sea herring. Some people claim that it is the home of Santa Claus. I beg to… Continue reading →

Four Years Ago I Moved Abroad

How much life fits into four years of a person’s life? That’s a good question and it’s such a good thing that we have Facebook telling us what happened x years ago. Today I learnt that it’s exactly four years… Continue reading →

When I Think Of England…

What comes to your mind when you hear the word England? Jesper already wrote a good summary about our weekend in Manchester. However, my take on the trip might be slightly different as I was the one who returned to… Continue reading →

Memory Lane Down to Manchester

It took me more than a decade – a decade of sunshine and sandy beaches – to realize that I am missing Manchester. In the summer of 2004 I was packing my bags, preparing myself for one of the greatest… Continue reading →

Expat Life: Hello, Prague!

Welcome to our new series about living and working abroad. As this is such a fascinating topic, we have approached some of our friends and family who live abroad and we asked them to tell us about their experiences and… Continue reading →

Travel Stories: The Time…

I have always admired people who are well-versed and well-traveled, people who suddenly charm a tired group of souls with their travel stories. Travelling, I think, is partly popular because it gives people to chance to collect these stories, it… Continue reading →

Scandi Life – A Survival Guide

This post about Scandi life is not at all too serious, don’t get upset. Especially if you’re from the cold north. Word of caution: here the term “Scandi” refers to Finns and Swedes. Second word of caution: this post is… Continue reading →

Restless Feet on a Saturday Morning

Restless feet on a Saturday morning. This post was written on a typical Saturday in February. At the time of writing, the snow is covering the ground again – not slowly as it usually does, but very quickly. My thoughts… Continue reading →

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