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What would life be without good food?

It’s time to talk about food! Let us inspire you with tasty (and sometimes healthy) recipes from around the world. How about Slovak garlic soup or traditional Swedish dishes? As we say in Swedish, smaklig måltid! 

Quick & Tasty: One-Pot Pasta Chicken Alfredo

You know the feeling when you’re feeling too tired to cook but the best thing would be a home-cooked meal? The first time I heard about one-pot pasta was a few months ago, and I have been curious about it… Continue reading →

Slovak Garlic Soup or Cesnaková Polievka

Every time we go to Slovakia, there is one dish we always ask for in the restaurants. Slovak garlic soup is known as cesnaková polievka or cesnačka in Slovak. It’s very common in most restaurants. Now, there are a couple of… Continue reading →

Glöggfika – A Swedish Tradition

It’s less than a week left before it’s time to start celebrating Christmas! The best way to cool down in the middle of all the stress is by having a glöggfika. We are talking about an event that combines two of Sweden’s… Continue reading →

Slovak Cabbage Soup – Kapustnica

Every time we visit Slovakia, there are certain foods that I just must eat. One of these foods is Slovak cabbage soup or kapustnica as it is called. Kapusta means cabbage. The other day I came across some Polish sauerkraut… Continue reading →

The Crayfish Party – A Typically Swedish Affair

There are few celebrations that are as typically Swedish as a crayfish party. Every August these parties pop everywhere: families arrange them, your workplace might invite you to one, they are also popular among friends. A word of warning: a… Continue reading →

Top 5 Destinations For Foodies

Calling out all the foodies out there! Do you seek new food experiences wherever you go? Is food a decisive factor when you pick your next travel destination? Well, look no further. Here are our top five tips for all… Continue reading →

Cheer Up With A Zesty Ginger Lemon Shot

Once in a while, when I need a quick energy boost, I make this wonderful ginger elixir. Packed with important minerals and vitamins, this miracle root cleanses and strengthens. Some of its benefits include the reduction of pain, anti-inflammatory effects,… Continue reading →

Tangy Berry Pie With a Hint of Sweet Coconut

It is such a luxury to have the chance to make berry pie with hand-picked blueberries from the Nordic forests. Here in Sweden (and also in Finland), allemansrätten (the freedom to roam) dictates that everyone has the right to enjoy… Continue reading →

Raw Lime & Matcha Pie

Do you know the key to keeping your colleagues happy? You bake them a pie, a raw one with lime and matcha. As is the case with most things in life, there’s a source of original inspiration to this fabulous… Continue reading →

Power Breakfast: Bluberries & Matcha

Summer is berry season and last night I was faced with two dilemmas. First, our freezer is full of blueberries. I need to eat them before I can treat myself to a peaceful berry-picking excursion to the forest. Second, as… Continue reading →

Purple Pizza: In Love With Eggplant

Raise your hand if you love pizza! As you might have guessed by now, we do have a normal ordinary life when we are not travelling and exploring new things. And one of the greatest joys of this everyday life… Continue reading →

Hungary – 4 Reasons To Love It!

Hungary, oh Hungary. Small, yet stubborn. Glorious, yet worn down. Beautiful landscapes and delicious food. Have you ever, during your travels, felt so oddly at home in a foreign country? This is what Hungary is like for me. I remember… Continue reading →

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