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10 European Destinations Off The Beaten Path

There are so many famous European travel destinations. In this post, we will not write about Prague or Paris. We will not cherish Rome or London. Berlin is not on our list either. No, here we have listed 10 European… Continue reading →

Sights in Bratislava – Sad Janka Kráľa

Did you know that the oldest public park in central Europe is in Bratislava? You find it just across the Danube river in the neighborhood of Petržalka. Sad Janka Kráľa or Janko Kráľ Park has its origins since long before the Slovak Republic… Continue reading →

Exploring Slovakia – Bojnice, Trenčiansky kraj

Do you feel like visiting the town of fairy tales? Bojnice is a historical town in central Slovakia. The Nitra river separates it from the neighboring and much larger town of Prievidza. The town is famous for having of the most visited… Continue reading →

Happy International Women’s Day!

This day is important for two reasons: it’s our anniversary and it’s International Women’s Day. At the larger scale of things, I guess the latter is more important, even though anniversaries are always a lot of fun. Women In Europe I… Continue reading →

Herons and Ice at Råstasjön in Solna, Sweden

Not too far from my office, there is a lake. The name of the lake is Råstasjön and it’s where I usually head if I want a 30-minute walk during my workday. It is great during the lunch breaks and a… Continue reading →

Sights in Bratislava – Bunker BS-6 “Vrba”

There was a time – not that long ago – when a big war was fast approaching on the European continent. It was during this time that a group of people gathered and planned the defense of Czechoslovakia. As a result,… Continue reading →

February: Books and Gratefulness

It’s time to look back at February, a month of books and gratefulness. One of my goals for 2017 is to read 52 books. Another thing that happened in February is that I got hooked on bullet journaling. As someone… Continue reading →

Sights in Bratislava – Napoleon’s Army Soldier

When walking around in Bratislava you will find several statues that all look slightly different from each other. They are not the normal famous or historical people who usually decorate the streets and squares of a town or city. No,… Continue reading →

Our Stay at Yasuragi Spa In Stockholm

Last weekend we visited one of the most famous spas in Stockholm – Yasuragi. Everybody here knows the place and it indeed feels like most people have been there. In fact, my colleagues had given us a gift card there as… Continue reading →

Sights in Bratislava – Bunker BS-9 “Kittsee”

Bratislava – the capital of Slovakia – certainly has a lot to offer to its visitors. One of the less famous attractions is the string of bunkers that run along the border between Slovakia and Austria. One of these bunkers… Continue reading →

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