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Here we have collected our travel thoughts. For us, traveling is a hobby, a passion, a way of life. We have been to many countries, but there are still many left on our list. Not only do we write about the places we have been to or the places we’d like to go. We also want to share tips and travel inspiration with you. You know, those quirky, sometimes unexpected ideas that pop into your mind. What are your thoughts on traveling? What’s the absolutely best part about the whole thing?

As always, we appreciate your comments. And remember, let us know if you have any questions! 

Looking Forward to a Summer on Åland

Soon it’s time to say goodbye April! But guess what, it’s been snowing quite a bit this week. I thought I’d cheer myself up with a list of things I want to do this summer on Åland. One of my… Continue reading →

5 anledningar att gilla Bratislava!

Slovakiens sköna huvudstad på Donaus strand är ett av Europas mest underskattade resmål, tycker vi. Kanske är vi lite partiska eftersom vi bott där, men vi anser att alla borde åka till denna centraleuropeiska pärla åtminstone en gång. Här listar… Continue reading →

Tao of Travel: Three Lessons Travel Taught Me

I have a book called the Tao of Travel: Enlightenments from Lives on the Road. It is a book written by Paul Theroux and the reason I bought it was the title. It called my name when I saw it in the… Continue reading →

On Our Travel Bucket List: 20 + 1 Fantastic Destinations

Once in a while, I come across people’s bucket lists and usually, they are full of fun and exciting travel destinations. So, I thought about it and decided to write my own travel bucket list. These are destinations I have… Continue reading →

It’s November And We Write About Travel

Welcome November! November is probably the rainiest month of the year – at least here in Sweden. Now we are in the weeks when the Christmas lights are not yet brightening the streets and people are incredibly tired. I’m seriously considering… Continue reading →

Traveling Song: Phil Collins – On My Way

We guess that most people who love to travel have one or more songs that they really associate with traveling. For us one such song is this one, Phil Collins “On My Way” from the movie Brother Bear. Which one… Continue reading →

5 Tips For Traveling With An Introvert

A few days ago I wrote an article about the wanderlust gene. According to the hypothesis, people who possess this particular gene are extroverts. A little voice in my head objected: “what about me, the introvert?”.  And my thoughts wandering…. Continue reading →

Do You Have The Wanderlust Gene?

Once in a while my Facebook feed tells me about articles and news stories on the so-called wanderlust gene. Apparently this is not really new but those stories intrigue me, so I decided to explore this matter a little further…. Continue reading →

The Reluctant Traveler Strikes Again!

Do you remember the story of the reluctant traveler? No? Click on the link to read the whole story. Anyhow, she’s back now. With a vengeance. And this time we talk about the hardships of picking a suitable travel destination. Reluctant… Continue reading →

10 Quotes About Life And Travel

4.13 a.m. on a Wednesday. Outside the sun has already risen. The world is silent. When you read this post it will be Midsummer Eve and we are off somewhere far away from civilization, celebrating the way Nordic people tend… Continue reading →

Uruguay & Argentina: Concluding Thoughts

The word Uruguay has always had an exotic, charming, cling to it. This morning I read a thought-provoking novel, El libro de los abrazos, by Uruguayan author Eduardo Galeano and I thought that it would be time to conclude the blog series… Continue reading →

Hungary – 4 Reasons To Love It!

Hungary, oh Hungary. Small, yet stubborn. Glorious, yet worn down. Beautiful landscapes and delicious food. Have you ever, during your travels, felt so oddly at home in a foreign country? This is what Hungary is like for me. I remember… Continue reading →

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