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Do you need travel tips for your next trip? Fear not! Here you find everything you need to know about visiting Europe, cruising the Baltic Sea or packing lightly.

We have been to many countries, but there are still many left on our list. Not only do we write about the places we have been to. We also want to share tips and travel inspiration with you. 

Our aim is to update the list continuously. However, sharing is caring. And now we ask you, what are your best travel tips? What saved you when you were last faced with a challenge somewhere abroad? As always, we appreciate your comments. And remember, let us know if you have any questions! 


10 european destinations off the beaten path

There are so many famous European travel destinations. In this post, we will not write about Prague or Paris. We will not cherish Rome or London. Berlin is not on our list either. No, here we have listed 10 European destinations off the beaten path. It is 10 places that […]