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All the best travel tips in one place!

Do you need travel tips for your next trip? Fear not! Here you find everything you need to know about visiting Europe, cruising the Baltic Sea or packing lightly.

We have been to many countries, but there are still many left on our list. Not only do we write about the places we have been to. We also want to share tips and travel inspiration with you. 

Our aim is to update the list continuously. However, sharing is caring. And now we ask you, what are your best travel tips? What saved you when you were last faced with a challenge somewhere abroad? As always, we appreciate your comments. And remember, let us know if you have any questions! 


4 Free Things to Try in Stockholm

Hello! On Monday we were aimlessly walking around in the center of Stockholm when we realized that we could go to a museum. For free. That museum visit inspired me to write this post about 4 free things to try… Continue reading →

10 European Destinations Off The Beaten Path

There are so many famous European travel destinations. In this post, we will not write about Prague or Paris. We will not cherish Rome or London. Berlin is not on our list either. No, here we have listed 10 European… Continue reading →

A Relaxing Weekend in Mariehamn

While Jesper and his camera have been on an adventure in Slovakia, I have enjoyed a relaxing weekend in Mariehamn. It’s been great with delicious food, old friends, and a lot of naps. This town is actually quite small. That… Continue reading →

Cruising on the Baltic Sea

Let’s talk about cruises on the Baltic Sea! From an early age, the passenger ferries carrying people, cars, and cargo on the Baltic Sea have been familiar to me. Coming from an island, it was often the only way to… Continue reading →

Traveling Lightly: Tips From a Reluctant Traveler

During our trip to Namibia and South Africa many people wondered how traveling lightly seemed to be such a piece of cake for us. Two adults and one piece of luggage. Add to that a book bag and a handbag…. Continue reading →

5 Tips For Traveling With An Introvert

A few days ago I wrote an article about the wanderlust gene. According to the hypothesis, people who possess this particular gene are extroverts. A little voice in my head objected: “what about me, the introvert?”.  And my thoughts wandering…. Continue reading →

Travel Guides To Europe – Be Inspired!

Hello there! Are you looking for inspiration for your next trip? Are you planning to visit northern Europe or perhaps Slovakia or the Gambia? Look no further, read our travel guides and learn (almost) everything you need to know about… Continue reading →

5 Must-Haves That Fit In Your Hand Luggage

Are you, like me, often in despair over all the stuff you carry with you on your travels? I have tried to minimize the amount of stuff and fit it all into my hand luggage. Here is a list of… Continue reading →

A Dispute With Norwegian Air Shuttle

Traveling is not always a dance on roses. Not everything goes as smoothly as you’d probably wish when traveling. For us it happened in Helsinki in the beginning of May this year when we were preparing for our return flight… Continue reading →

5 Easy Ways to Travel More

Hello friends! Today we will share a few tips for all of you who want to travel more. It is not uncommon that people ask us how we find the time and money to do all the traveling that we… Continue reading →

The Reluctant Traveler Strikes Again!

Do you remember the story of the reluctant traveler? No? Click on the link to read the whole story. Anyhow, she’s back now. With a vengeance. And this time we talk about the hardships of picking a suitable travel destination. Reluctant… Continue reading →

Expat Life: Hello, Prague!

Welcome to our new series about living and working abroad. As this is such a fascinating topic, we have approached some of our friends and family who live abroad and we asked them to tell us about their experiences and… Continue reading →

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