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Åland Islands


The Åland Islands – 6,500 skerries and islands between Finland and Sweden

The Åland Islands are where Susann is from. So, that’s the reason why we spend quite some time on this group of islands with few people but a lot of history. It is very nice in the summer! Just imagine the sea, white nights, and red cliffs.

Nowadays it is an autonomous part of Finland. However, a majority of the population speaks Swedish. Here on our blog, we give you tips on what places to visit and what you can do on the Åland Islands. Fairly unknown to many people, we want to spread the word about this beautiful place. We hope that you will enjoy our posts and that they will inspire you. Please, let us know if there’s anything specific you’d like to read about.

We have made a guide with information about the main sights on the islands. Check out our guide >>

Enjoy the Åland Islands with us!

Looking Forward to a Summer on Åland

Soon it’s time to say goodbye April! But guess what, it’s been snowing quite a bit this week. I thought I’d cheer myself up with a list of things I want to do this summer on Åland. One of my… Continue reading →


A Relaxing Weekend in Mariehamn

While Jesper and his camera have been on an adventure in Slovakia, I have enjoyed a relaxing weekend in Mariehamn. It’s been great with delicious food, old friends, and a lot of naps. This town is actually quite small. That… Continue reading →


Around Mariehamn: Stadshusbacken With Surroundings

Fancy a delightful picnic in cozy Mariehamn? Our suggestion is that you visit the so-called Stadshusbacken or the Town Hall Hill. The park, conveniently located on a hill, is located between the main square and the town hall. The hill is… Continue reading →


Föglö, Åland Islands

During our Midsummer weekend, we decided to spend a few hours in the archipelago. The island we opted for was picturesque Föglö in the southern part of Åland. Fun Facts About Föglö Let’s start with the fun facts. There are… Continue reading →


Midsummer 2016

Midsummer 2016 is now over. We have returned home after paying our respects to the summer solstice. For years to come we will remember this year’s festivities as a time of chaos. On the morning of Midsummer’s eve we read… Continue reading →


Sights on Åland – Kungsö Battery

A couple of weeks ago we visited the Kungsö battery on the Åland Islands for a short history lesson and a fabulous walk in the woods. During our visit the place was very quiet, we didn’t see a soul nor… Continue reading →


Sights on Åland – Lemböte Chapel Ruin

One of the more magical things about the Åland Islands is the nature and how all the sights on the islands have been integrated into nature. This is also one of the reasons that some of them are a bit… Continue reading →


Finnish Treats – Things I Could Not Live Without

Finnish treats – the favourite delicacies of a Finn abroad. As any expat may know, there are and always will be some foods and snacks from one’s home country that almost form an essential part of one’s being. Finnish cuisine… Continue reading →


Sights on Åland – Ramsholmen

One of the things everyone going to Åland should do is enjoy the nature. Ramsholmen is a nature reserve located only a few kilometers from Mariehamn. Here you can take a walk around the reserve to appreciate the green and lushy… Continue reading →


Sights on Åland – The Fortress of Bomarsund

The Åland Islands have seen a lot of action during history. Located next to the water on the main island of Åland is the Fortress of Bomarsund. Nowadays the site consists of only the ruins of a fortress; with only… Continue reading →


Sights on Åland – The Castle of Kastelholm

Overlooking the sea on the main island of Åland is the Castle of Kastelholm, in Swedish Kastelholms slott. This is a place to go to when you want to experience a place that combines both history, nature and local traditions…. Continue reading →


Observations From The Boat

Countless are the times that I have travelled by boat. I come from an island and for a long time the only way to get a glimpse of civilisation was by taking the ferry to the mainland (the mainland being… Continue reading →


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