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Austria – the land of palaces and amazing nature

When we lived in Slovakia, we used to visit Austria quite often. Compared to its neighbor, Austria is very majestic and calm. Day trips to Vienna, skiing in the mountains, and a bike ride around Neusiedler See. This small country really has something to offer for everyone.

Remember the Old Times – Stuhleck 2013

There were a lot of things happening in the beginning of 2013. Not only was I about to move to an apartment in another part of Bratislava, but there was also a new trip each weekend. During this period I visited Brno,… Continue reading →


Sightseeing in Two Capitals: Bratislava and Vienna

I really enjoyed visiting Slovakia this time. It was a bit sad that Susann wasn’t able to join, but spending time with my brother from time to time is nice too. One of the highlights of the trip was the… Continue reading →


Remembering the Old Times – Hainburg an der Donau 2013

One of the top reasons we enjoyed living in Bratislava was the possibilities it offered for traveling. With several international borders close by and good connections with most of Central Europe, it is hard not to take advantage of the… Continue reading →


Remembering the Old Times – Neusiedler See 2013

2013 is the only full year that we lived in Bratislava. It was also the first year when we had a proper vacation when we went to Slovenia for one week. It was during our trip to Slovenia that some… Continue reading →


Remembering The Old Times – Vienna 2012

Vienna is one of the most interesting destinations that is close to Bratislava. Being only an hour away on the train, we sometimes discussed going there on weekends. As usually is the case, time flew by and we did not… Continue reading →


365 Days, 13 Countries pt. 2

There is a risk that our photos look very blue – what can I say, we like the sea and sunny, blue skies. Autumn 2015 was dedicated to travelling. The greatest adventure was our trip to South America (Uruguay and… Continue reading →


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