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Fantastic Finland

Welcome to our posts about Finland – that so-called cold country (it’s actually warm in summer) in the north of Europe. It’s the home of Santa Claus, the sauna, white summer nights and a lot of dedicated ice-hockey fans.

Join us while we discover what Finland has to offer – from delicious food to funny incidents. Don’t forget to leave a comment if you have any questions or thoughts!

Two Nordic Capitals & An Eventful Week

It’s Sunday night and all I can say is wow – what a week! I’m feeling quite lazy after an eventful week in two beautiful Nordic capitals. This week we had our kitchen fixed, Stockholm drowned in snow, and I… Continue reading →


Helsinki in Spring

Helsinki in the spring is the place to be! On one chilly Friday night my friend Satu and I met up with Jesper at the train station in central Helsinki. We had decided to celebrate Walpurgis the Finnish way. By… Continue reading →


Historical Helsinki: Suomenlinna

Bastions, barracks and a King’s gate; anyone visiting Helsinki should definitely spend a few hours at the Suomenlinna sea fortress that is located just outside the Finnish capital. We went to the UNESCO World Heritage Site in April 2016 and… Continue reading →


Walpurgis Eve in Scandinavia

Walpurgis Eve in Scandinavia* is something that people – children and grown ups alike – look forward to well in advance. Close your eyes and imagine balloons and serpentines, ice-cream and mead, a lot of people everywhere. The glittering sea… Continue reading →


Throwback Thursday Takes Us to Turku

It’s time for #throwbackthursday and a story about the oldest city in Finland, Turku. Turku is famous for many things: its ice-hockey team (I am a fan, I admit), the local dialect and the Declaration of Christmas Peace of Finland… Continue reading →


Easter Traditions Around Europe

Happy Easter Monday! Let’s talk about some Easter traditions in Europe. The ones mentioned in this post are the ones we have personally come across, there are plenty of interesting traditions all around Europe. Traditionally Easter is one of the… Continue reading →


Scandi Life – A Survival Guide

This post about Scandi life is not at all too serious, don’t get upset. Especially if you’re from the cold north. Word of caution: here the term “Scandi” refers to Finns and Swedes. Second word of caution: this post is… Continue reading →


Finnish Treats – Things I Could Not Live Without

Finnish treats – the favourite delicacies of a Finn abroad. As any expat may know, there are and always will be some foods and snacks from one’s home country that almost form an essential part of one’s being. Finnish cuisine… Continue reading →


Observations From The Boat

Countless are the times that I have travelled by boat. I come from an island and for a long time the only way to get a glimpse of civilisation was by taking the ferry to the mainland (the mainland being… Continue reading →


365 Days, 13 Countries pt. 1

The holiday is around the corner and the New Year will be knocking on our doors very soon. (Scarily soon, but never mind). At the end of the year, I always enjoy wrapping things up, returning to great moments and… Continue reading →


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