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Our Trip to the Gambia – Serekunda and a Taxi Ride to the Market

What to do on your last day in an amazing country? You know that feeling: on the one hand you want to catch a last (sentimental) glimpse of a place you will soon leave. On the other hand, going home… Continue reading →


Our Trip to the Gambia – Following in the Tracks of the Slave Trade to Juffureh

No trip is a good trip unless we challenge our minds and hearts a little bit. During our trip to the Gambia, Juffureh was that very challenge. West Africa is known for a great many things – one of those… Continue reading →


Our Trip to the Gambia – The Fathala Wildlife Reserve

The Fathala Wildlife Reserve in Senegal is located to the north of the Gambia, very near the border. Most tour operators offer day trips to Fathala. The trip from the resorts in the Gambia includes an interesting ferry ride, a border… Continue reading →


Our Trip to the Gambia – A Day in Banjul

Banjul – located on an island where the Gambia River meets the Atlantic Ocean – is the small capital of the Gambia. Founded in 1816, the city now has a population of little less than 45,000. We decided to visit Banjul… Continue reading →


Our Trip to the Gambia – Hello Africa!

Last night, on the flight back from the Gambia to Sweden, I spent a couple of hours looking at the starry sky that was so tenderly watching over the artificial lights of Europe. One German town followed the other, our… Continue reading →


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