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Top 5 Destinations For Foodies

Calling out all the foodies out there! Do you seek new food experiences wherever you go? Is food a decisive factor when you pick your next travel destination? Well, look no further. Here are our top five tips for all… Continue reading →


Georgia and Tbilisi – Our Travel Story

This is the story of Georgia and Tbilisi – the topic of many a great writer! During our trip to Georgia, Tbilisi was our central point. It was from here that our day trips started and it was here that… Continue reading →


Tantalizing Tbilisi: Top Ten Sights

In June we visited fantastic Georgia and its equally lovely capital, Tbilisi. We walked a lot during our two full days in the city. Actually we have a tendency to travel without a map, often resulting in awe-inspiring moments, quaint… Continue reading →


Mtskheta: the Ancient Capital of Georgia

In the year 337 Christianity was proclaimed the state religion in the early Georgian Kingdom of Iberia (Kartli). 1679 years later Jesper and I visited the very place where it happened – the magnificent town of Mtskheta. Located some 20 kilometers from capital… Continue reading →


Caves and Fortresses: Visiting Vardzia

After our day trip to Kazbegi we felt like discovering more of Georgia. With some help from Khatja at the hotel reception, we signed up for a tour to Rabati, Vardzia and Borjomi. This time around we opted for an… Continue reading →


Georgian Mountains – Kazbegi

One of the most popular tourist destinations in Georigia lies hidden among the mountains, near the Russian border. Commonly known as Kazbegi, Stepantsminda is a small village where time seems to stand still. Already before embarking on our journey to… Continue reading →


Georgia – Reasons to Visit

A mere 48 hours ago we were sitting in a restaurant in one of the most fascinating countries we have visited thus far – Georgia. Before our trip several people asked us about our reasons to visit this small country… Continue reading →


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