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Remembering the Old Times – Budapest 2013

2013 was a year when we visited Budapest a lot of times. However, there is one trip to the Hungarian capital that we value more than the others. The trip took place in the beginning of April and it was the… Continue reading →


Remembering the Old Times – Štúrovo and Esztergom 2014

One of the things we liked about living in Slovakia was the possibility to go abroad easily. One of the easiest ways was just to cross the border somewhere near Bratislava. Trains and buses to Vienna, Budapest, and Prague were… Continue reading →


6 Hours In Budapest: The Must-Dos

In November, during our trip to Slovakia, we also wanted to visit Hungary. We have written about our fascination with this country before. It turned out to be a short stop, but an effective one. In fact, we only had… Continue reading →


Remembering The Old Times – Rajka 2013

While living in Bratislava we usually visited towns in the vicinity, but not so many villages. However, Rajka is an exception. This is a small village located just across the border on the Hungarian side and it has got one… Continue reading →


Top 5 Destinations For Foodies

Calling out all the foodies out there! Do you seek new food experiences wherever you go? Is food a decisive factor when you pick your next travel destination? Well, look no further. Here are our top five tips for all… Continue reading →


Take Us Back to Győr!

There is one place in this world that we are particularly fond of and that is the city of Győr in northwestern Hungary. Indeed, the sixth largest town of the country is very similar to most others in Central Europe. What… Continue reading →


Easter Traditions Around Europe

Happy Easter Monday! Let’s talk about some Easter traditions in Europe. The ones mentioned in this post are the ones we have personally come across, there are plenty of interesting traditions all around Europe. Traditionally Easter is one of the… Continue reading →


Hungary – 4 Reasons To Love It!

Hungary, oh Hungary. Small, yet stubborn. Glorious, yet worn down. Beautiful landscapes and delicious food. Have you ever, during your travels, felt so oddly at home in a foreign country? This is what Hungary is like for me. I remember… Continue reading →


5 Reasons Why We Love Central Eastern Europe

Visitors to Central Eastern Europe usually talk about cheap food, good parties and beautiful women. Heaven for everyone planning a stag party. We may be partial as we met in Slovakia, but this is our attempt to tell about this fabulous region,… Continue reading →


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