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Remembering the Old Times – Auschwitz 2013

While visiting Kraków in 2013 we also took the opportunity to see the site of one of the world’s worst crimes. Susann and I visited Kraków together with my two siblings and it was my sister who wanted to see Auschwitz. Susann… Continue reading →


Remembering the Old Times – Kraków 2013

Kraków is probably one of the most fascinating cities in Europe. We visited the second city and the cultural capital of Poland in September 2013. I do have a soft spot for Poland and considering the fact that I actually… Continue reading →


Remembering the Old Times – Warsaw 2014

Eventually, everything comes to an end and so did our stay in the Slovak capital Bratislava. Our last day at work was March 31. We had decided that we wanted to go for one more trip before leaving Slovakia for… Continue reading →


Travel Stories: The Time…

I have always admired people who are well-versed and well-traveled, people who suddenly charm a tired group of souls with their travel stories. Travelling, I think, is partly popular because it gives people to chance to collect these stories, it… Continue reading →


A Quick Visit To Gdansk

It’s Throwback Thursday and today we reminisce about our trip to Gdansk*, a lovely old city in northern Poland, right by the Baltic coast. We visited the town in September 2014 and we found out that it is a great destination… Continue reading →


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