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Sights in Bratislava – Bunker BS-9 “Kittsee”

Bratislava – the capital of Slovakia – certainly has a lot to offer to its visitors. One of the less famous attractions is the string of bunkers that run along the border between Slovakia and Austria. One of these bunkers… Continue reading →

Sightseeing in Two Capitals: Bratislava and Vienna

I really enjoyed visiting Slovakia this time. It was a bit sad that Susann wasn’t able to join, but spending time with my brother from time to time is nice too. One of the highlights of the trip was the… Continue reading →

An End to the Road Trip in Slovakia

After renting the car on Friday we had first been driving into the fog and then on Saturday, we had been in search for the sunshine. Sunday was once more a bit gray, this time due to clouds covering the… Continue reading →

Searching for Sunshine in Slovakia

I arrived in Bratislava on Thursday and on Friday morning my brother, two of his friends and I rented a car for a weekend road trip. Friday we spent driving into the fog. However, on Saturday we went to search… Continue reading →

Driving Into the Fog In Slovakia

After a long walk Thursday along the Slovak-Austrian border, we headed out on new adventures on Friday morning. The fog was still heavy in Bratislava when my brother and I left his apartment to head to the airport in Bratislava…. Continue reading →

Bratislava: A Walk Along the WWII Frontier

It’s again time for new adventures. This morning I left Susann at home and headed to the airport. The destination? To visit my brother in Bratislava for the weekend. A short flight later I landed at the airport in Vienna,… Continue reading →

Sights in Bratislava – Čumil, Man at Work

Today we will tell you about one quirky statue in Bratislava, Slovakia. His name is Čumil, the Slovak word actually means “watcher”. It only takes a quick glance at the face of the man at work at the junction of Laurinská and Panská Streets… Continue reading →

Remembering the Old Times – Balog nad Ipľom 2014

We went on a lot of short weekend trips when we were living in Bratislava. Some of the destinations were famous places such as Prague, Vienna, and Budapest. We also visited smaller towns such as Žilina and Ostrava. However, we also… Continue reading →

Sights in Bratislava – Starý Most, the Old Bridge

Starý most, in English Old Bridge, is a bridge in the Slovak capital Bratislava. Despite its name, it’s actually nowadays is the city’s newest bridge across the Danube. However, it is not the first bridge standing on this very spot…. Continue reading →

Sights in Bratislava – Episcopal Summer Palace

Our series about sights in Bratislava continues, this time with center of power in the Slovak Republic – the Episcopal Summer Palace. The building we are writing about today is older than the republic itself. The Episcopal Summer Palace is known… Continue reading →

Sights in Bratislava – Námestie Slobody

Imagine yourself in a futuristic – almost absurdly so – Communist park. Maybe you want to go for some time travel? Add to that scene some steel, concrete, functional buildings, silence, and quite a bit of nostalgia. Námestie Slobody is… Continue reading →

Sights in Bratislava – Slovak Radio Building

The Slovak Radio Building, in Slovak Budova Slovenského rozhlasu, is easy to recognize when walking around in Bratislava. It is not its triangular shape that reminds passers-by of the communist times. Rather, it’s the color. This construction from 1983 is… Continue reading →

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