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Sweden – The Homeland of The Biveros Effect

Jesper has been growing up in Sweden and we both moved here together in 2014 and we now call Stockholm our home. We will continue to explore this country in Northern Europe and hope that you will join us.

Do not miss our series Exploring Sweden, where we write about the towns we have visited in this large country.

A Day at Skansen in Stockholm – Nordic Animals

Last Friday was a wonderful sunny day and we took the possibility to visit the open-air museum here in Stockholm – Skansen. It is actually the world’s oldest open-air museum and it’s located on beautiful Djurgården. The interesting thing about… Continue reading →


Sergels Torg, Stockholm – Sweden World Champions in Ice Hockey

Something special happened last night in Cologne, Germany. It was time for the final of the Ice Hockey World Championships. The teams representing Canada and Sweden were on the ice. I was of course up watching the game, enjoying the… Continue reading →


4 Free Things to Try in Stockholm

Hello! On Monday we were aimlessly walking around in the center of Stockholm when we realized that we could go to a museum. For free. That museum visit inspired me to write this post about 4 free things to try… Continue reading →


Exploring Sweden – Sigtuna, Uppland

Are you looking for a place that is small, yet historical? Do you want to get away from the big city buzz and just enjoy an ice-cream by the lake? If your answer is yes, then maybe Sigtuna is the… Continue reading →


A Walk Among Flowers in Stockholm

Today was the last day of our Easter holidays here in Sweden and we thought that we should take advantage of the sunshine. Little did we know that some snowfall would surprise us as well… Oh, well. That’s life. Our… Continue reading →


Open Day at the Swedish Riksdag

During the weekend we decided to take the possibility to visit the Swedish Riksdag. The Riksdag is the parliament of Sweden and you find it in the center of Stockholm. More precisely it stands on the island Helgeandsholmen. This Saturday they had… Continue reading →


Exploring Sweden – Funäsdalen, Härjedalen

Funäsdalen is a small village that has made its name in winter sports. A lot of people go here during the winter to either ski or for an adventure on the snowmobile. With a permanent population of around 900 inhabitants, there… Continue reading →


Exploring Sweden – Karlstad, Värmland

Along the northern shores of Europe’s third largest lake, you find the town of Karlstad. With its slogan “Sola in Karlstad”, translated into English as “Sunbathing in Karlstad”, it’s said to be the sunniest place in Sweden. The town is… Continue reading →


Herons and Ice at Råstasjön in Solna, Sweden

Not too far from my office, there is a lake. The name of the lake is Råstasjön and it’s where I usually head if I want a 30-minute walk during my workday. It is great during the lunch breaks and a… Continue reading →


Our Stay at Yasuragi Spa In Stockholm

Last weekend we visited one of the most famous spas in Stockholm – Yasuragi. Everybody here knows the place and it indeed feels like most people have been there. In fact, my colleagues had given us a gift card there as… Continue reading →


Exploring Sweden – Smålandsstenar, Småland

A stone circle, that is all some people need to consider a place interesting. Smålandsstenar is one of those places where five stone circles make up the biggest attraction in town. With a population of around 4.500 inhabitants the small locality… Continue reading →


Exploring Sweden – Ullared, Halland

How can a small locality on the Swedish countryside cause nightmares for a lot of Swedish men? Our apologies for the stereotypes, but this is a place that most Swedes have heard about. Even though it has a meager population… Continue reading →


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