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Exploring Slovakia

Exploring Slovakia – Beckov, Trenčiansky kraj

There are few places in Europe that can offer such magnificent castle ruins as the small village of Beckov. This small place is indeed worth a visit, even though it’s slightly off the beaten track. The village is in the… Continue reading →


Exploring Slovakia – Zvolen, Banskobystrický kraj

Driving into the town of Zvolen reminds a bit of arriving in the capital Bratislava – what will catch your eye is the castle. This small town with around 43.000 inhabitants (12th in Slovakia) has a surprisingly rich history. It… Continue reading →


Exploring Slovakia – Donovaly, Banskobystrický kraj

Are you looking for somewhere to spend a day outdoors while enjoying the nature? There are several places to do so in Slovakia, but one area stands out – the Tatras. The mountain range in central Slovakia is famous for… Continue reading →


Exploring Slovakia – Bojnice, Trenčiansky kraj

Do you feel like visiting the town of fairy tales? Bojnice is a historical town in central Slovakia. The Nitra river separates it from the neighboring and much larger town of Prievidza. The town is famous for having of the most visited… Continue reading →


Exploring Slovakia – Štúrovo, Nitriansky kraj

There are not many places where you will be able to eat breakfast in one country and your lunch in another. The location of Slovak town Štúrovo certainly gives its visitors that possibility. When entering the town it is hard… Continue reading →


Exploring Slovakia – Trenčín, Trenčiansky kraj

Trenčín is a town in western Slovakia that several of our Slovak friends recommended us to visit. It is famous for its castle and it did not take us a long time to understand why. We decided to make a… Continue reading →


Exploring Slovakia – Žilina, Žilinský kraj

Our stories from Slovakia continue and today we will write about our trip to a cozy town near the northern borders, Žilina. (Slovak has many amazing letters, you pronounce the name of the city like [ˈʒilina], in case you were wondering). There… Continue reading →


Exploring Slovakia – Levice, Nitriansky kraj

Several raised eyebrows and many questions is what I got when I asked for suggestions about what to do in Levice for a day. In my opinion there was no need at all to be surprised at my destination. With… Continue reading →


Exploring Slovakia – Trnava, Trnavský kraj

There are several towns in Western Slovakia that are easily accessible from the capital city, Bratislava. Most of these places have a lot to offer for visitors who’d like a short visit or day trip. Trnava is one of the more… Continue reading →


Exploring Slovakia – Nitra, Nitriansky kraj

We lived in Slovakia for a bit more than a year and a half and really enjoyed our time in the country. During that time we lived and worked in the capital Bratislava, but liked to spend our weekends traveling around… Continue reading →


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