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Štúrovo, Slovakia, Slovensko, Szlovákia, Esztergom, Hungary, Magyarország, Maďarsko, 2014

One of the things we liked about living in Slovakia was the possibility to go abroad easily. One of the easiest ways was just to cross the border somewhere near Bratislava. Trains and buses to Vienna, Budapest, and Prague were easy enough to find. However, we also had the chance […]

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This year, the year of 2016, has been a year full of traveling for us. We have been to a total of fifteen countries during the past twelve months and there have been so many amazing places that we have had the opportunity to see. So which are our top 20 […]

welcome November

Welcome November! November is probably the rainiest month of the year – at least here in Sweden. Now we are in the weeks when the Christmas lights are not yet brightening the streets and people are incredibly tired. I’m seriously considering the possibility of converting myself into a Moomin and sleep […]

Calling out all the foodies out there! Do you seek new food experiences wherever you go? Is food a decisive factor when you pick your next travel destination? Well, look no further. Here are our top five tips for all of you who like to combine traveling and eating. As […]