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Quick & Tasty: One-Pot Pasta Chicken Alfredo

You know the feeling when you’re feeling too tired to cook but the best thing would be a home-cooked meal? The first time I heard about one-pot pasta was a few months ago, and I have been curious about it… Continue reading →

Slovak Garlic Soup or Cesnaková Polievka

Every time we go to Slovakia, there is one dish we always ask for in the restaurants. Slovak garlic soup is known as cesnaková polievka or cesnačka in Slovak. It’s very common in most restaurants. Now, there are a couple of… Continue reading →

Slovak Cabbage Soup – Kapustnica

Every time we visit Slovakia, there are certain foods that I just must eat. One of these foods is Slovak cabbage soup or kapustnica as it is called. Kapusta means cabbage. The other day I came across some Polish sauerkraut… Continue reading →

Purple Pizza: In Love With Eggplant

Raise your hand if you love pizza! As you might have guessed by now, we do have a normal ordinary life when we are not travelling and exploring new things. And one of the greatest joys of this everyday life… Continue reading →

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