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Remembering the Old Times

Remembering the Old Times – Štúrovo and Esztergom 2014

One of the things we liked about living in Slovakia was the possibility to go abroad easily. One of the easiest ways was just to cross the border somewhere near Bratislava. Trains and buses to Vienna, Budapest, and Prague were… Continue reading →

Remembering the Old Times – Belgrade 2013

In a month or so it’s time for Easter. This is a time of the year that we usually try to go abroad, often to places that do not celebrate our Easter. In 2013, while still living in Bratislava, we… Continue reading →

Remembering the Old Times – Hainburg an der Donau 2013

One of the top reasons we enjoyed living in Bratislava was the possibilities it offered for traveling. With several international borders close by and good connections with most of Central Europe, it is hard not to take advantage of the… Continue reading →

Remembering the Old Times – Warsaw 2014

Eventually, everything comes to an end and so did our stay in the Slovak capital Bratislava. Our last day at work was March 31. We had decided that we wanted to go for one more trip before leaving Slovakia for… Continue reading →

Remembering the Old Times – Neusiedler See 2013

2013 is the only full year that we lived in Bratislava. It was also the first year when we had a proper vacation when we went to Slovenia for one week. It was during our trip to Slovenia that some… Continue reading →

Remembering the Old Times – Balog nad Ipľom 2014

We went on a lot of short weekend trips when we were living in Bratislava. Some of the destinations were famous places such as Prague, Vienna, and Budapest. We also visited smaller towns such as Žilina and Ostrava. However, we also… Continue reading →

Remembering The Old Times – Vienna 2012

Vienna is one of the most interesting destinations that is close to Bratislava. Being only an hour away on the train, we sometimes discussed going there on weekends. As usually is the case, time flew by and we did not… Continue reading →

Remembering The Old Times – Rajka 2013

While living in Bratislava we usually visited towns in the vicinity, but not so many villages. However, Rajka is an exception. This is a small village located just across the border on the Hungarian side and it has got one… Continue reading →

Remembering The Old Times – Ostrava and Olomouc 2014

How did we end up in Ostrava and Olomouc? One of the highlights of living in Bratislava – the capital of Slovakia – was how easy it was to travel. There were only a couple of kilometers to the Austrian… Continue reading →

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