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4 Free Things to Try in Stockholm

Hello! On Monday we were aimlessly walking around in the center of Stockholm when we realized that we could go to a museum. For free. That museum visit inspired me to write this post about 4 free things to try… Continue reading →

A Walk Among Flowers in Stockholm

Today was the last day of our Easter holidays here in Sweden and we thought that we should take advantage of the sunshine. Little did we know that some snowfall would surprise us as well… Oh, well. That’s life. Our… Continue reading →

Three Years In Stockholm ❤ How Time Flies

About three years ago, a plane from Oslo landed at Arlanda Airport. We had flown to Norway from Bratislava, our home for over a year. Jesper’s mother was waiting for us. Back then, our plans were wide open. Little did… Continue reading →

Open Day at the Swedish Riksdag

During the weekend we decided to take the possibility to visit the Swedish Riksdag. The Riksdag is the parliament of Sweden and you find it in the center of Stockholm. More precisely it stands on the island Helgeandsholmen. This Saturday they had… Continue reading →

Our Stay at Yasuragi Spa In Stockholm

Last weekend we visited one of the most famous spas in Stockholm – Yasuragi. Everybody here knows the place and it indeed feels like most people have been there. In fact, my colleagues had given us a gift card there as… Continue reading →

Christmas Market at Drottningholm Palace

Today it was time for us to go and explore a bit more of Stockholm, to a part of the city that we so far had not uncovered. This weekend there is a Christmas market at the Drottningholm Palace. In… Continue reading →

The Life of a Foreigner In Sweden

Kära Sverige! Welcome to the story of my life as a foreigner in Sweden, a country known for social democracy, blonde women and fermented Baltic Sea herring. Some people claim that it is the home of Santa Claus. I beg to… Continue reading →

Two Nordic Capitals & An Eventful Week

It’s Sunday night and all I can say is wow – what a week! I’m feeling quite lazy after an eventful week in two beautiful Nordic capitals. This week we had our kitchen fixed, Stockholm drowned in snow, and I… Continue reading →

Autumn in Stockholm: A Walk in Igelbäcken Nature Reserve

At this time of the year here in Sweden there is a great need to take advantage of the few days that actually offer some sunshine. Especially when those days happen to occur during the weekend. There will be few… Continue reading →

Exploring Sweden – Stockholm, The Capital

Stockholm is not only the capital of Sweden, it is also by far the largest city in the country. It has around 925.000 inhabitants in the city and almost 1.400.000 in its urban area. This means that almost one out… Continue reading →

Bellmanstafetten 2016

Yesterday it was once more time for a running competition here in Stockholm. This time it was Bellmanstafetten, a 5×5 kilometers relay. Hundreds of teams with 5 members each were ready to take turns and run the 5 kilometers long… Continue reading →

Midnattsloppet Stockholm 2016

Yesterday evening it was time for the second running competition for this year. Both of us participated in Trosa Stadslopp at the beginning of July. It was now time for Midnattsloppet here in Stockholm. Sadly Susann felt a bit ill and decided… Continue reading →

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