Finally, now that we have settled in our room for the night in Lübeck, it’s time to write a short summary of the boat trip from Malmö to Travemünde. We also had some time to take a walk in this German beach town earlier tonight, so here are our impressions. […]

Turning Torso, Finntrader, On the Road, Malmö, Sweden

We have finally left Sweden and are currently on a ferry on our way to Travemünde in Germany. The ferry left Malmö a little over an hour ago. We arrived in the harbor half an hour before the check-in opened and had to spend some time waiting. Luckily it wasn’t […]

On the Road 2017, Landskrona, Sweden

We notice that the nights are getting darker as we drive through Sweden. We have spent quite a few hours in the car since we left Vagnhärad. Now it’s time to say Good Morning Landskrona! This is our last stop before we reach Malmö, from where we will continue to the continent. […]

Road trip 2017, Vagnhärad, Swedena

It is soon time to go. We have been waiting for quite some time now to go on our trip – it’s been too long since we were abroad! The last few days we have been visiting Jesper’s parents here in Vagnhärad and it is from here that we will start […]

before we hit the road, planning, travel, europe

Soon, soon it’s time for us to hit the road and head for France and back. I’m really looking forward to our trip as I haven’t been abroad for ages! It’s especially exciting as it’s Little A’s first proper trip abroad. Now the question is how to prepare for three […]

Vaxholm, Stockholm, Uppland, Exploring Sweden

Are you looking for a cozy day trip in the Stockholm area? A place where you can dip your toes into the sea and enjoy delicious ice cream? There are several small towns near the Swedish capital Stockholm that are worth a visit. Vaxholm is one of these towns and it […]

books july 2017

Hello August! You know what that means, don’t you? It’s time to summarize July 2017. It was a really nice month, in retrospective I’d say that we didn’t spend much time at home at all. I’ll remember July 2017 for the all great the family time and the sunny days My […]

Lundbyvägen, Lundby, Vagnhärad, Sweden

Today we saw a small portion of Swedish history when we walked to Lundby and the rune stone in Sund. We have been spending the weekend at my parents in Vagnhärad and for once we have been quite lucky with the weather. The sun has been shining more than usual, […]

A Summer weekend on Åland

Time flies this time of the year and we are struggling to find time for everything we want to do. We spent the last weekend on Åland. Well, Susann and little A took the ferry from Kapellskär already the weekend earlier. I joined them at her parents’ house on Wednesday […]

Kobba Klintar, Åland, Finland

When you are on the ferry crossing the Baltic Sea, there is one particular object that tells you that you will soon be in Mariehamn. On the first islets that catch your attention, one of the very first glimpses of land, there is a house and a small pyramid. What you […]

Are you planning a visit to the countryside on the Åland Islands? Are you looking for things to do and see? Do you fancy something out of the ordinary? Today we tell you about the sawmill in Lumparland – the smallest municipality on mainland Åland. In the forest, at Krickulla […]

Life right now, happy list

Hello from the Åland Islands. Little A and I are abroad again. How are you? Rain and thunder are the words that best describe today. As I love lists, I decided to write a short (but happy) list of life right now – a Monday evening. (I started writing this […]