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La dolce vita

Under this category, we have gathered posts about all the good things in life. Food, books, living abroad, and general musings about nothing and everything. It’s simply la dolce vita!

Travelling In 2016

January is already here and now it’s time to look ahead. Travelling in 2016 – here are our plans, dreams and goals for the year head. And maybe some challenges as well. When we write about countries we have visited or countries that we would like to visit, we are […]

365 Days, 13 Countries, Part 1

The holiday is around the corner and the New Year will be knocking on our doors very soon. (Scarily soon, but never mind). At the end of the year, I always enjoy wrapping things up, returning to great moments and savoring memories. Travel-wise 2015 has been a great year. A lot […]