Google Earth, Visited Places Map, Visited Countries Map

Today I want to talk about Google Earth and also share some tips with you. It’s a tool that I use a lot and it’s essential when we look back at and document our trips. If you travel a lot, it is probably nice to be able to view a […]

It sometimes happens that you write a plan. A plan that you consider to be really good. A plan that you, later on, make even better by completely remaking it. That is kind of what happened with the plan for our “Journey to France and Back” We were really satisfied […]

a world traveler in the making

About ten weeks ago we became parents. I think most parents can relate to the fact that the change is immense, and our lives feel very different now. As I write this, Little A peacefully sleeps next to me and little does she know what we have in store for […]

books june

Hello, friends! Here I sit with a cup of cold coffee and it’s about time to write a short summary for June. It’s so strange. You’d think that there’d be more time over when you spend most of your day at home. Wrong! I go to bed the same time as […]


One year ago we stood in a beautiful room in the Town Hall of Stockholm. On that hot day, we got married. And wow, what a year it has been! We have spent quite a bit of time abroad. I remember a notebook I had as a teenager, on the cover, […]

Lemström Canal, Lemströms kanal, Lemland, Jomala, Sights on Åland

There are a few places on the Åland Islands that we have passed by a few times. And each time, we comment that “this looks nice, maybe we should stop sometime”. As is usually the case, we keep on driving. One place we actually took our time to see recently […]

Sålis Battery, Sålis batteriberg, Sålis batteri, Sights on Åland, Finland

The Åland Islands is a small place with a lot of history. We have previously written about Kungsö Battery in Jomala, but that is not the only demolished battery on the islands. Another such place is the Sålis battery. It is located in Hammarland, one of the central municipalities. Built by […]

creamy salmon soup, finnish food

Say hi to Eila! She’s my mother and she knows how to make an absolutely amazing creamy salmon soup. This delicacy is one of the cornerstones of Finnish cuisine and it’s something we usually serve our guests. Not only is the soup very tasty, but it’s also very easy to […]

Midsummer 2017

The sun peeps through the clouds and the music is playing. The master of ceremony shouts out his orders and on three the men push and move forward. Slowly, slowly the pole rises toward the sky. People cheer, the violins sing cheerfully. The place is Lumparland and the whole municipality […]

Stará radnica, Old Town Hall, Bratislava, Slovakia

Cobblestoned streets, narrow alleys, and pastel buildings. The tranquil Old Town in the Slovak capital is very picturesque. The Main Square, Hlavné námestie, is where everything happens. Today we write about one of the more prominent buildings on the main square, the Old Town Hall, also known as Stará radnica in Slovak.  Are […]

15 minutes of optimistic ideas

Are you looking for ways to in increase your creativity? A while ago, in a book on positive psychology, I came across the idea of spending 15 minutes on generating optimistic ideas. The advantage is that it will boost various character strengths, such as creativity and hope. When you do this, you […]

Travel theme- Decadent

Decadence and decadent are two of my favorite words in the English language. They hold a promise of adventure, secrecy, recklessness, and of course a small dose of luxury. I think that being able to travel as much as we do add some decadence to our lives. Here’s a more […]