Living abroad has taught us a great many things about people, cultures, languages, and behaviour. In this post we share the five most valuable lessons we have learnt from living abroad. Living is a constant lesson, maybe living abroad just hastens it. Living Abroad Will Not Change Who You Are […]

Slavín war memorial, Sights in Bratislava, Slovakia

Slavín is a war memorial and cemetery located on a hill that forms part of the Little Carpathians, not far from Bratislava City Centre. It was built in the latter half of the 1950s in memory of the 6845 Soviet soldiers who perished during World War II. The area includes […]

We have all heard of Wanderlust, but do you know about other good words relating to travelling and places? Let’s take a look at some vocabulary from around world about travelling. Smultronställe is a Swedish word referring to a place one wants to return to (often little known to others). It’s […]

Week 2 and it’s already Sunday. The cold weather has continued here in Stokholm and we are slowly starting to think about what to pack for our next trip. Sunshine, here we come! We have also been looking at interesting destinations for Easter and the other public holidays coming up […]

Let’s talk about walking. A few days ago, I read an interesting article about 12 unexpected health benefits of walking and the thoughts that it gave me inspired this post. You may read the article, in Swedish, here >> Countless are the benefits of walking, and they are probably known […]

During our visit to the Latvian capital of Riga last summer, we took the opportunity to see some more of Latvia. After some research, we decided to take the train to Sigulda, only an hour away from Riga. Sigulda is a small town with around 17,000 inhabitants. It is located […]

The Åland Islands (or just Åland) is a group of approximately 6500 islands and islets in the Baltic Sea, The islands form an autonomous region that is part of Finland. What makes the region interesting – apart from the autonomy – is that it is officially Swedish-speaking only. Rest assured, […]

It’s now time for you to meet your travellers. Who are the people behind this blog and how did they get into travelling? Read on and find out more about your fellow travellers Jesper and Susann. Susann First country (abroad) ever visited: Germany or Latvia, when I was very young. […]

Week 1 of 2016 is coming to an end and it’s now time to make a summary of the week. As we started the new year in Bratislava, Slovakia, quite a few of our posts this week have been about the Central European capital. Here’s a recap of what we talked […]

Today I will write about the benefits of moving abroad. This post is just touching the surface of a very vast topic, we will talk about challenges and practical issues at a later time. Let’s begin with some background info. If you have seen some of the other posts on […]

Sights in Bratislava, Bratislava Castle

Bratislava Castle, in Slovak Bratislavský hrad, is one of the first attractions one will notice when arriving in Bratislava. The majestic white castle watches over the city from a rocky hill along the Danube. Once one climbs that hill, one can admire the Old Town (Staré miasto), Austria and even Hungary. […]

Vilnius Lithuania

The definition of Wanderlust: “A strong desire to travel“*. Does this sound familiar? Do you spend more time looking for flights than doing your job? Do you feel inspired to go places whenever you open a book or watch a film? Does the idea of .. feel appealing? Would you gladly spend […]