Slovak Goulash

Goulash (in Hungarian gulyás) is a well-known and popular dish originating from Hungary. As today is a public holiday (= a lot of time for cooking) and the temperature has fallen under -10 degrees Celsius outside (hearty food, yes please!), I decided that making a delicious soup would be a splendid idea. […]

Spooky Bratislava, let’s take a walk on the dark side. Down the narrow alleys, where every step makes a creaking sound. The party is long over, only bottles filled with sadness have been left behind. The castle shines in its loneliness, perhaps as lonely as those kings and queens that […]

Today’s post will be about movement through stillness. In essence, the word movement refers to the process of changing the place or position of someone or something. We can move our bodies, our minds, our lives, and pretty much everything around us. It would seem that the most common desire is to […]

Travelling In 2016

January is already here and now it’s time to look ahead. Travelling in 2016 – here are our plans, dreams and goals for the year head. And maybe some challenges as well. When we write about countries we have visited or countries that we would like to visit, we are […]

Travel Read: They Came to Baghdad

The best travel read is a story that carries away, has a good twist or two and takes us to exotic and foreign lands. After reading such a book, one is filled with yearning to visit those alluring places. My latest travel read: They Came to Baghdad by Agatha Christie. Today […]

Welcome 2016 and happy new year from Bratislava! Bratislava on New Year’s Eve Welcome to Bratislava! The narrow cobblestoned streets in the city’s historical centre is where everyone meets and greets. Locals and visitors alike marvel at the cosy streets and the picturesque buildings. Happiness and an air of expectation […]

Visitors to Central Eastern Europe usually talk about cheap food, good parties and beautiful women. Heaven for everyone planning a stag party. We may be partial as we met in Slovakia, but this is our attempt to tell about this fabulous region, to show that there is more to experience than endless […]

New Year Wishes

Out with the old, in with the new… We wish you, ourselves and everyone else in the world a joyful, cheerful and inspirational New Year. Indeed, may it be absolutely fabulous to each and every one of us. Keep your curiosity alive, remember to look around for a moment or […]

Old Indian wisdom (Ayurveda) tells us that one’s constitution is made up by the combination of three different doshas (bodily humours) – vata, pita and kapha. With the temper of a typical kapha (and pitta, but we can forget that for the time being), I’m supposed to be slow, patient, […]

There might be a lack of snow and the town might be more well known as a summer destination. But a walk around Trosa during Christmas is a cosy experience. Även om det är en avsaknad av snö och att staden är mer känd som en sommardestination, så är det riktigt […]

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