Stockholm at 7 in the morning!

Stockholm, Sweden – At 7 in the Morning

Throwback Thursday again and it’s time to remember… Stockholm at 7 in the morning! Last week I wrote about our trip to Turku and while preparing the post I found a pile of old photos lying around on my laptop. Among those photos were the ones we took on our arrival back to Sweden. It was a lovely summer morning and as you can see from the pictures, the Swedish capital really is very lovely. And you know what? If you ever want to explore the city in peace, roam the streets of Stockholm at 7 a.m.

On that summer morning in August, we hopped off the ferry amazingly early – even earlier than the morning before. We took the train to Gamla Sstan and started shooting photos. Here are some of the treasures from that morning that remind us of the beauty of this old Nordic capital.

Stockholm at 7 in the morning
Stockholm at 7 in the morning

The Riddarholm Church is located on the small islet of Riddarholmen and this is where Swedish monarchs are buried. Parts of the building date to the late 13th century, making it one of the oldest buildings in Stockholm.

Here’s Jesper shooting a photo of Stockholm City Hall. That is the place where the Nobel Prize banquet is held in December every year. Yes, we are still waiting for our invitation to the party.

Stockholm at 7 in the morning
Stockholm at 7 in the morning
Stockholm at 7 in the morning

Stockholm at 7 in the morning is a peaceful experience. During the hour or so that we wandered along the streets of Gamla Stan, we only bumped into a group of Chinese tourists. Here we are all admiring the oldest square in Stockholm, Stortorget.


The above building, located near the castle, is one of my absolute favorite buildings in Stockholm – it’s the Parliament House. When one walks through the building and leaves Gamla stan behind, the main shopping streets begin and suddenly one will be at…

Stockholm at 7 in the morning

…Sergels Torg. This is the most central of the public squares in Stockholm with its famous glass obelisk in the middle. From here one can continue toward other cozy parts of Stockholm, such as Hötorget or Kungsträdgården. We decided to get on the train and go home. After our adventure, we were quite tired and enjoyed a long morning nap.

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  1. Tanja

    beautiful photos! I’m so looking forward to my trip to Stockholm:) just 8 days:)

    1. Susann

      Welcome! You must visit Kungsträdgården for all the cherry blossom 🙂

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