Trosa, Sweden – A Walk in the Sunshine

Trosa is one of the towns that we will visit quite often this summer. Today was our first visit this year, so we took the chance to spend a few hours to enjoy the sunshine and meet my grandparents. All in all, it was a really nice day. Today is also a public holiday here in Sweden, which means that a lot of people are off from work and out on the streets. June 6th is the National Day of Sweden and  the election of King Gustav Vasa in 1523,

Let’s just say that we were not the only ones walking around with a pram or enjoying some ice cream in quaint Trosa today.

Mjukglass, Soft Ice Cream, Trosa, Sweden

Trosa: A Sunny Walk

We started our walk at my grandparents’ place and continued towards the center of the town. My mother had heard about a new cafĂ© that had opened quite recently. Apparently, they’d have some of the best ice-cream in town. Named “Kaffe & …”, translated into English that would be “Coffee and …”, did indeed offer more than just coffee and we soon had an ice cream each to enjoy during our walk. Well, everyone except little A had one. If you ever find yourself in Finland or Sweden, you have to try salty licorice – for instance, in the form of ice-cream. I personally don’t like it, but Susann loves it. And it’s very typical for these countries.

Trosa really is small and picturesque; the little town square is in front of the tiny town hall. There is also a narrow stream, TrosaĂĄn, that flows through the town before it reaches the Baltic Sea. We walked to the town square and then followed the stream towards the docks at Östra hamnplan. Even though it is early in the summer, there already are some boats along the inner docks. Turning back we continued along the wooden houses and Östra lĂĄnggatan before once again standing in the town square. We passed one of the oldest buildings in Trosa on the way. Actually, it’s a cottage called Ă…bladsstugan and it was built after the fire in 1719. It is the only preserved “Skärborgarstuga” (Fisherman’s cottage) in the town.

If you want to see as much as possible during a short stay in Trosa, the route along the stream and then back along Ă–stra LĂĄnggatan is probably one of the best.

Here you can read more about Trosa >>

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