On the Road 2017, Aalborg, Denmark

Aalborg, Denmark – On the Road 2017: Day 21

Our road trip is coming to an end and we are now packing up our things here in Aalborg. We are preparing to leave Denmark early tomorrow. The ferry back to Sweden leaves from Frederikshavn in the morning, meaning that tomorrow is the last day of our trip. The weather has once more made our time difficult here in Denmark, but the rain stopped for long enough to let us explore Aalborg.

Aalborg: Awaiting the Rain

We took a walk from our Airbnb room into the town of Aalborg this morning. The walk was around two kilometers and it didn’t take long before we reached the central shopping streets. We decided to just walk around and see how much we had time to see before it started to rain. The sky a bit further away was really dark. Luckily for us, that meant that we at least did have a little time to explore.

Actually, there weren’t any specific sights we wanted to see. Instead, it was the atmosphere and the general feeling of being there. You have the fjord right next to the center and it really is possible to mix walking along the small streets with a great view out over the water.

After about an hour of walking Little A woke up from her sleep and we decided that it was time to find somewhere to eat lunch. Our first attempt was at Subway because we thought that it would be fast. Apparently, we were wrong and they had a big order that they were working on. So we tried the place next door and were denied to enter with our pram. The restaurant did for some reason not have the proper fire safety to be allowed to bring in prams. We did eventually end up at a Chinese bufé and were still quite happy about that. They had some good sushi as well.

After eating we noticed that any further exploration had to wait until later. The rain was about to get worse and we hurried back to our room to make sure that none of us would get too wet.

Aalborg: A Happy Reunion

After spending the day taking cover from the rain we headed out again in the evening. We had decided to meet up with an old friend that we had not seen for four years. We worked together for almost a year when we all lived in Bratislava and hadn’t seen each other since. As with Bielefeld, it is always fun to meet old friends when traveling to catch up on events of the last years.

After a nice dinner, another bufé, we took a walk along the streets and enjoyed the atmosphere that only Denmark can offer. Maybe we found something we like in this country even with all the rain. A bit of hygge, perhaps?

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