Prague, Czech Republic, 2013

Prague, Czech Republic, 2013 – Remembering the Old Times

It was the beginning of 2013 and we had been living in Bratislava for six months. It was time to look for a new adventure. As a group of four friends, we had decided to take a weekend trip to Prague. This was before the two of us even became a couple and we were looking forward to exploring the Czech capital. It was the second time for me in Prague, but the first for Susann.

Prague: Going There

We had decided to take the bus to Prague instead of the train. That’s a trip of around four hours in total. So we left Bratislava at seven in the morning on a Saturday in January. 24 € per person for a return trip meant that it was the cheapest option available. Student Agency, the bus operator, also had some of the most comfortable buses. We had booked a room for four people at the Koruna Hotel in central Prague, another cheap alternative for us. We paid 106 € for two nights, resulting in a cost of around 50 euros per person for the whole trip. The price for the hotel included breakfast.

We were met by a city covered in a thin layer of snow. As always, it takes some time to familiarize yourself with a new place. So what better way to do that than by taking a walk? We started off along the river Vltava and across the world-famous Charles Bridge (Karlův most). We spent the evening in a very typical fashion; some Czech food and drinks in a local pub. One of the best things about both the Czech Republic and Slovakia is the relaxed atmosphere with pubs and bars.

A Full Day in the City

Our goal for our second day in Prague was the Petřín Tower (Petřínská rozhledna). This lookout tower was built in 1891 and it stands 63,5 meters tall. Climbing the hill takes about half an hour. We also experienced that the climb is quite slippery during winter. Well, at least our plan was to enjoy the view from the top of the hill before continuing to the hill next door, where the Prague Castle stands. It was a cloudy day with a thin layer of white snow still on the ground. Our walk took us up to the Petřín Tower from where we enjoyed a great view of central Prague. A short visit afterward to the Prague Castle gave us the opportunity to see the change of guards. It was a calm day for sightseeing in a cold Prague.

Susann also managed to squeeze in a stop at a huge bookstore near the Wenceslas Square (Václavské náměstí). She always does this!

Prague: Preparing to Leave

After a nice breakfast at our hotel, we soon checked out and looked for some last minute exploring. We were mainly walking around in the center, enjoying the view of some of the main sights. Some of the attractions that crossed our path included the Church of Our Lady before Týn, The Prague Astronomical Clock, as well as the other amazing buildings around the Old Town Square.

After a lunch consisting of some traditional Czech food, we had to continue to the bus station. Our bus was about to leave and we had a few hours to relax before we would be back to our ordinary lives in Slovakia and Bratislava.

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Have you been to the Czech capital? How did you like it?

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  1. noelleg44

    Praha je velmi Krazna, but nevermore so than in the winter, without the crowds and with the sun low on the horizon!

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